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Best Electric Leaf Blowers

Best Electric Leaf Blowers
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Written by Daniel White

Best Electric Leaf Blowers are right here and ready for your consideration. We have 10 products for you to choose.


It can be a pain to deal with leaves that have fallen. It's challenging to rake them off long driveways by hand, and getting out your loud, gas-hungry leaf blower is a hassle. But, you have a choice, which is good. The best electric leaf blower has come a long way in the past few years. They are just as good as gas leaf blowers for most home leaf removal jobs. 

Type 1: Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB Electric Leaf Blower

Type 2: BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower

Type 3: DEWALT Leaf Blower

Type 4: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Sweeper

Type 5: Enertwist Leaf Blower

In-Depth Reviews for Top 5 The Electric Leaf Blower

1. Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB Electric Leaf Blower


  • Compact size

  • Easy to move around

  • Pigtail electric cord

  • Good strength for its size.

Reason to buy

The Sun Joe electric leaf blower can move air up to 155 mph, which is fast enough to clear driveways and sidewalks of leaves and small twigs. It worked as well as more significant, more potent blowers on hard surfaces, though it wasn't relatively as fast and wasn't as good on grass.

The single-speed blower weighs only 3.9 pounds and is easy to hold with one hand. In addition, because the cord is short, it is easy to tie it to the plug to make a secure connection that won't come apart quickly.

Powerful at a low price, the Sun Joe is an attractive choice for clearing grass and leaf litter from garden areas, sidewalks, and garage floors. 

2. BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower


  • Compact size

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to move around

  • Nice power-to-size ratio

Reason to buy

The Black & Decker electric leaf blower weighs only 4.4 pounds and is a good choice if it will be used for more than an hour at a time.

This corded electric tool can function as long as there is an active electrical connection. So users won't have to wait for a battery to recharge or go to the gas station.

On firm surfaces or cut grass, this blower was excellent at clearing away dry leaves and grass clippings, but it was less effective at removing wet leaves and debris in tall grass. 

3. DEWALT Leaf Blower


  • Excellent build quality

  • Super performance and it has a lot of power.

  • A valuable variety of nozzles

  • Variable speed and a trigger lock

Reason to buy

The DEWALT 12-Amp Corded Leaf Blower is strong and made of excellent materials. With a trigger lock, you don't have to squeeze the trigger all the time. Instead, set the lock, and you can blow with the same force without cramping your hand.

This DeWalt leaf blower is plugged in and has more than one nozzle attachment. The air that comes out of the nozzle will be more concentrated and strong the narrower the tube is.

When the tube gets smaller, the force goes up. This model also has a clip that helps hold the end of its plug to your extension cord, so it doesn't come apart as quickly as some other models. 

4. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Sweeper


  • The design is small and light.

  • Quiet while running

  • A reasonable price

Reason to buy

The BLACK+DECKER Cordless Sweeper is a small and easy-to-use leaf blower. It weighs around 4 pounds and is less than 20 inches long.

If you have a driveway, deck, or patio, this battery-powered tool makes removing dirt and grime from these hard surfaces simple. It's not the most potent blower on the market, but it's cheap and small enough to fit in a closet. 

5. Enertwist Leaf Blower


  • Lightweight

  • Compact size

  • Powerful 

Reason to buy

The Enertwist Electric Leaf Blower has a strong motor that makes a very high CFM. Users change the speed by moving their thumb to the setting they want while keeping the blower in one hand.

It is very light, and the tapered end of the nozzle makes it easy to control how hard you blow. It also has a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry, a built-in cord keeper, and an extra handle to help you manage and balance the blower in all situations. 


1. How quiet are electric leaf blowers?

High-pressure airflow makes all leaf blowers make noise, but electric leaf blowers don't have a loud gas engine, so they are usually much quieter than gas leaf blowers.

2. What should the CFM be on a suitable leaf blower?

The blower's CFM determines the number of leaves and other debris it can move. Most of the time, a good CFM rating is between 300 and 500.

3. Can a leaf blower be used on wet leaves?

CFM and the number of wet leaves determine whether or not a leaf blower may be used for wet leaves. Even the most powerful leaf blowers will have trouble moving a big pile of wet leaves. However, using a leaf blower to move leaves in small clusters or spread them throughout the yard should be easy. 

Investing in the best electric leaf blower is worth it. However, before buying one, you should read to see what we think are the best options above, whether you want something cordless, wired, flexible, or cheap. We hope you will find a suitable product soon.  

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