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Best Electric Lawnmowers

Best Electric Lawnmowers
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Written by Daniel White

The best electric lawn mower is good for the environment, easy to use, quieter than older models, and easy to store vertically. Check this post to find out the best one for your family!


The best electric lawn mower quickly replaced gas-powered mowers as a greener and more efficient option. You wouldn't have to pull a cord, replace dirty spark plugs, or store fuel that could catch fire. You'd also be doing your part to cut down on carbon emissions. So we put some of the best ones to the test to find out how they work regarding power, cost, and safety. Here are some top picks for you. 

Types of Product

Type 1: Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

Type 2: BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded

Type 3: Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower

Type 4: Makita XML03CM1 Lawn Mower Kit

Type 5: WORX Nitro WG753 Cordless Lawn Mower

In-Depth Reviews for The Best Electric Lawn Mower

1. Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower


  • Unlimited run time

  • The cord lock keeps the plug in place

  • Powerful motor

Reason to buy

The Greenworks Lawn Mower is an excellent buy for people with small yards. Unfortunately, this inexpensive model is corded, so you'll have to use an extension cord. However, we found it amazingly powerful and easy to use when testing it.

It has a 20-inch cutting deck set to seven different heights. Grass clippings can be mulched, bagged, or thrown out the side. The mower was easy to move around because it was light, and the grass bag that came with it was easy to take off and empty. 

2. BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded


  • Unlimited run time

  • Lightweight

  • Blades with wings to pick up more grass

  • Easy to put away

Reason to buy

If you don't mind moving around an extension cord while mowing, the BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower is a cheap model that can run for as long as you want. It has a 20-inch deck with wing-shaped blades that pick up grass better. 

This lawnmower is easy to move around your yard because it is light and has seven deck height settings that range from 1.5 to 4 inches. It comes with a 13-gallon bag for collecting grass clippings and can also throw grass clippings out the side. 

3. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower


  • It seemed to last longer than the other corded models.

  • Excellent performance even on difficult warm-season grasses.

  • The small size is suitable for storing.

Reason to buy

This model from Sun Joe is one of the best corded electric mowers. It has a 14-inch cutting swath and a grass bag that hangs from the back. It has a powerful 13-amp motor and an optional side discharge chute on the back.

It can cut grasses that grow slowly, zoysia, or centipede because the cutting height can be changed from just over 1 inch to 214 inches. In addition, this plastic mower is as environmentally friendly as it gets, so there's no need to keep gasoline or replace spark plugs.

You can put grass clippings in a 10.6-gallon bag or throw them away through a side discharge chute of the mower. The Sun Joe mower has a handle that doesn't slip and folds down, so it's easy to store.

4. Makita XML03CM1 Lawn Mower Kit


  • Durable construction

  • It includes a set of batteries.

  • Optional quiet mode

  • Charge quickly

Reason to buy

If you want a cordless, battery-powered push mower, this one from Makita is a good choice. It has a brushless motor that can spin up to 3,300 times per minute for fast, powerful cutting. 

The tool comes with four 18-volt batteries, and it uses two at a time. Together, the four batteries give the device about 40 minutes of run time. In addition, the 18-inch commercial-grade metal deck is smaller than other models.

The machine has ten cutting heights, but the maximum setting is only 3 inches, causing it to struggle in overgrown grass. The mower has a soft, rubberized handle for the comfort of the person using it. It also has a quiet mode that helps keep the noise down. 

5. WORX Nitro WG753 Cordless Lawn Mower


  • Lightweight

  • Battery charge display

  • When the collection bag is complete, it's obvious.

Reason to buy

When it comes to smaller yards, the Worx Nitro WG753 Lawn Mower with a 14-inch cutting deck and a cutting capacity of up to 0.12 acres per charge is a great choice.

One of the best things is how light it is. It only weighs about 29 pounds, making it very easy for anyone to use. This small mower can either mulch or bag grass clippings. The bag has a clear plastic top so you can see when it's full. 


1. How do you keep an electric mower in good shape?

Store an electric mower in a garage or a shed with a roof. Before using it, clean out any grass clippings stuck under the mower deck. If you need to, sharpen or replace the blades. Electric mowers don't need nearly as much maintenance as gas mowers.

2. Is it safe to use my electric mower to cut wet grass?

Wet grass is not a good time to use an electric mower. Wet grass can damage the mower's motor and make it cut your grass poorly.

3. Can I leave my electric mower out in the weather?

When not in use, electric mowers should be kept inside. On the other hand, electric models can be kept outside if they are raised and covered so that they stay dry and air can flow under the motor. 

We can have many benefits from using the best electric lawn mower. Even though an electric mower won't run as long as a gas-powered one, a fully charged battery usually lasts at least an hour. So we believe you will never be disappointed when investing in one. 

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