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Best Cordless Lawnmowers

Best Cordless Lawnmowers
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Whether you like it or not, the spring and summer seasons are here, which means it’s time to mow the lawn! The best cordless lawn mowers 2024 has to offer are the ideal tool for the job.


We've examined the best push mowers, robotic lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, and other sorts of mowers to compare these cordless mowers to them. Additionally, our specialists have tested a variety of the top-powered and manual aerators and scarifiers in case your grass needs a little TLC.

Maintain crisp edges with our recommended best lawn edging, best garden shears, and best strimmers. If you're searching for a place to store a new mower, our in-depth guide to choosing the best garden shed will be useful.

Types of Product

Type 1:Best Budget: Greenworks 16-Inch Electric Push Lawn Mower at Amazon

Type 2:Best Push: EGO Power+ 20-Inch Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mower at Amazon

Type 3: Best for Small Yards: Makita Lithium-Ion Push Lawn Mower at Amazon

In-Depth Reviews for Top 5 best cordless lawnmower

1. KÄRCHER LMO 18-33


  • Power: 18v

  • Deck size: 33cm

  • Cutting height: 35-65mm

  • Grass collector: 35L

  • Weight: 11.3kgs

  • Average run-time: 40 mins

Reason to buy

  • Excellent handlebar design

  • excellent battery

  • Exceptionally well cuts

According to us, this Kärcher small yellow garden friend satisfies every requirement for a contemporary cordless mower.

The large 18v 5ah battery has the advantage of having rubberized edges that, in theory, should prevent the plastic housing from cracking in the event of a fall. In a unique addition, the battery has a practical LCD panel that shows the amount of charge left in the battery as a percentage and as a countdown when charging.

Check out T3's Kärcher LMO 18-33 vs. Flymo EasiStore 300R Li(opens in new tab) comparison tool to see how our top pick for a cordless lawnmower compares to some strong competition.



  • Power: 48v

  • Deck size: 42cm

  • Cutting height: 30-80mm

  • Grass collector: 50L

  • Weight: 13.5kgs

  • Average run-time: 40 mins

Reason to buy

  • Excellent cutting

  • Stunningly bright

  • adjustable-speed motor

  • outstanding battery

The extremely attractive white Gtech CLM50 mower has a broad 42cm cutting deck but weighs only 13kg, making it one of the lightest in its class—so light that you could assume a motor wasn't even included.

The Gtech CLM50 uses a different kind of blade than the majority of lawn mowers use. Actually, it is a blade's half with a counterweight attached to the other end. This blade, which is made of carbon steel, is supposed to be equally effective yet requires less effort. All I know is that it did a fantastic job of cutting my expansive test lawn all the way to the boundary. More so than the majority of the other mowers I tested, it created finer cuttings.



  • Power: 24v

  • Deck size: 34cm

  • Cutting height: 20-70mm

  • Grass collector: 32L

  • Weight: 14kgs

  • Average run time: 120 mins

Reason to buy

  • run time of 120 minutes in length

  • 32L grass gathering box that is large

  • includes a rear roller

  • 6 cutting heights

The LawnMaster 24V Lawn Mower can be the right system for you if you have a small to medium-sized garden and want to get the most cordless power for your money.

Given that this mower comes with not one, but two 2.0Ah batteries, its appearance may not draw attention, but its specifications and runtime most certainly will. You will have 120 minutes of running time overall, which is sufficient to cover all but the largest gardens. And the best part is that you can charge one battery while using the other by using the provided charger, which will restore a battery to full capacity in just 60 minutes.



  • Power: 36v

  • Deck size: 32cm

  • Cutting height: 20-60mm

  • Grass collector: 30L

  • Weight: 9.3kgs

  • Average run time: 35 mins

Reason to buy

  • judicious cutting

  • fantastic height adjuster

  • utilizes two batteries.

Give this model a try if you have a tiny urban lawn that is up to 180 square meters in size and need a resourceful, user-friendly, and highly effective model. Two 18v batteries, which are compatible with the majority of Bosch cordless equipment, are used by the Gardena PowerMax. It is necessary to pair these batteries. You will need to charge both batteries sequentially because Gardena only includes one charger with the kit, which is a minor annoyance. A full charge should provide approximately 35 minutes of cutting time.

5. COBRA MX3440V


  • Power: 40v

  • Deck size: 34cm

  • Cutting height: 25-75mm

  • Grass collector: 35L

  • Weight: 16.3

  • Average run time: 30 mins

Reason to buy

  • Simple to control

  • efficient chopping

  • calm motor

With a compact 34-centimeter cutting deck and a 35-litre fabric grass collector, this T3 Award-winning cordless Cobra was designed in the UK and is the ideal little mower for an average-sized urban sward. It is easy to transport and store because it is so compact and virtually entirely composed of plastic. Also, it is admirably silent.


1. How long do lawn mowers with batteries last?

Battery-powered lawn mowers should last between eight and ten years with regular maintenance. However, you will probably need to replace the battery after roughly five years because a battery's charge capacity degrades over time.

2. What's better, a brushless lawn mower?

The efficiency of brushless motors is normally between 80 and 90 percent, whereas that of brushed motors is between 60 and 75 percent. Although not all brushless or brushed motors are created equally, due to their design, brushless motors are unquestionably more efficient.

3. Pushing an electric lawn mower is it difficult?

Compared to their gas-powered counterparts, electric lawn mowers are lighter. This makes them simpler to maneuver through your yard and around awkward corners. For instance, after assembly, the EGO Power Plus 56-Volt 21-in Push Cordless Electric Lawn Mower weighs 62.6 pounds.

Anyone wishing to move to a less complicated, quieter, and more user-friendly lawn mower may find an electric lawn mower useful. Instead of yanking on a cord firmly until the lawn mower turns over, battery-powered lawn mowers frequently start by pushing a button. So we recommend for you the 8 best Cordless Lawnmower.

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